Culture and traditions in Lipsi

Cultural events

lipsi-cultureThe Wine Festival in August is undoubtedly the most important of festivities organized on Lipsi.
Since wine is the main product of this island and Lispi harbouring a long tradition in the production and export of wine, this frestival is intensely publicised.

Yet another important feast on Lipsoi is the “Kleidonas”, honouring St. John Thermastis – Amongst the many interesting customs practiced on such days, there is the ceremony of the “speechless water” (Amilito Nero) brought by the girls in jars positioned in the centre of the square by the girls before merry dancing and singing starts.
Further on the cultural agenda of the island, there features the hosting a folk dancing lessons, scouting and the sponsorship of a philharmonic band.

Folklore feasts and Celebrations

A major celebration is organized each year on the 23d August (Eniamera tis Panaghias – dedicated to Virgin Mary) at the church known as Panaghia tou Charou, where many people converge on the afternoon of the 22d from Patmos, Leros and the surrounding islands. Pilgrims are handed out grapes and delicacies.

Customs and lore

Weddings are celebrated in the traditional way, with festivities lasting for two days.